If you're sick of being preached at by SLW superheroes, alternative comics that hate everything from apple pie to motherhood, whose every third word is an f-bomb, and you wish someone would put out a comic that was just a pleasant read and fun way to pass a little...

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Zombies, zombies everywhere!

  Me: Hey Chuck, what do you think about doing a zombie Civil War book? Chuck: I'd rather work in a dry cleaners! And thus began Stonewall's Arm. But perhaps I should back up and start this story somewhere nearer the beginning. On a warm July day, the family and...

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So You Want to be an Artist?

What's the difference between a deep dish pizza and an artist? The pizza can feed a family! Har Har, Right? If you're a young artist, you probably won't find that joke all that funny. Since it is hard enough for young comic book artists it was my intention with this...

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Civil War Adventure GN

Historically acutrate stories about the war that divided America.
By Chuck Dixon and Gary Kwapisz

Punisher in the Savage Land GN

The Punisher! Machine guns! Dinosaurs! Read the unpublished graphic novel
by Chuck Dixon and Gary Kwapisz

Stonewall’s Arm Comic

At the height of America’s bloody civil war, the Devil raises an undead army to destroy the country. But his plan has a fatal flaw—he’s missing Stonewall’s arm!

Barbie and Ben vs the Troll

The story of two outta control young artists and the fantasy story that changes their lives.  A YA novel

Humours Illustrations

It’s not all action/ adventure, check out Gary’s cartoons.


Super heroes to Barbarians, we’ve got you covered.

Zombie & Alien ABC’s e-books

They may want to eat your brain, but don’t let that stop you from having a good laugh!

Commision a Sketch—Buy OriginaArt

Babes to barbarians, Gary’s drawn them all. Find out how to get one for your very own!

Sketch Book

A look inside the artist’s personal sketchbooks.